A man is a father, a son and a leader in the society. The purpose of the event is to talk about the importance of the man in the society from providing and protecting their loved ones and their role in society in general, a man’s role is to mould, give guidance and set an example to the next generation so that they can become better men in the future. We have identified that the problem in society is the absence of a male figure to provide guidance to young men. Sons that grow up with fathers are different from those that grow up without one, we are bringing a platform where sons without fathers or without a male figure in their lives get a chance to be taught or guided by other men of integrity about their role in society, the significance of a man and what a man should or shouldn’t do.

Fathers also need to learn the importance of raising a son and a good relationship is key.


The vision of the Fathers & Sons event is to provide a platform were annually we will host events where men and boys from age 15 who come from different walks, different background will come together in a central venue. The event theme, speakers and programme will vary from every year.

  • Having a society of responsible men.
  • Improving relationships between fathers and their sons.
  • Sons without fathers learning.
  • Coming up with solutions.
  • Present fathers being recognised.


The main objective is to groom young males into becoming responsible men in society, because the issue of the absence of a male figure is the root of social ills such as the use of drugs, consumption of alcohol, rape and assaulting of women.

With the event we aim to help and add a positive influence to men (Fathers and sons) in society and make a difference in their lives.

Objectives of Event

  • Gathering grandfathers, fathers and sons.
  • Identify and address the roots of the problems in our society.
  • Creating a platform of interaction.
  • Educating and informing young men of their importance and role in society.