IMG-20160406-WA0000This company was formed by Lerato Faith Mano, who has a Bachelors degree in International relations from Univ of Pretoria,Certificate in Exhibition,conference and Events Management from Damelin College and successfully got a certificate in Function Decor and flower arranging from The SA School Of Weddings.

The company was formed with the purpose of making an impact in the events management industry and also making people’s lives easier by planning and executing their event ideas, also empowering lives by creating and supporting charity events. Passion drives you to become the best through strength and edification of skills. The ability to take an event idea from a clients mind and make it a reality that can be memorable for a long time is what can distinguish any service.

General Business Activities

  • Events management: Private/Social Events( Weddings, Anniversaries, Parties, Weddings, Wedding Proposals, etc).
  • Charity Events: Work with NGO’s and help create events that can build them.
  • Educational Events: Events that empower the youth, for example career days especially for young people in the rural areas.
  • Corporate Events: Conferences, Exhibitions, Expos.
  • Floral designs and function decor.

Company Strategy

Purpose: To conceptualize original event ideas and provide events management services to external clients. Anything that requires planning for example, planning a date for your partner. This company wants to provide solutions to individuals that are too busy, maybe also less creative and requires help to prefect any event idea they have in mind. Part of the purpose also is to conceptualise and execute events that we as the company has thought of that can empower the community and also build the brand. Original event ideas can distinguish us from other companies in the industry.

Vision: Become an established recommended service for events management and floral designs. To have our own venue that has the capacity to host events and provide accommodation for clients when required. Provide transportation services such as shuttle services and tour guides services for clients from abroad or even our very own locals who would love tourism to be a part of their two, three or more days event.

Mission Statement: The Company strives to provide the best service to clients, become recommendable and memorable in the industry.

Core Values: To remain true to the brand, to meet the needs of the clients and even more, to provide services to the best of our ability. To always build and edify the company.


  • To be an established brand.
  • To ensure visibility of the Company name through the creation of yearly events that can bring a positive impact to the community.
  • Create events that can affect the lives of young people through career guidance in both rural and urban areas.
  • Foster partnership with NGO’s with good courses that need promotion through events and help them through receiving funding.
  • Negotiate for sponsorship for charity and educational events.
  • Job creation is one of the organisational pillars.

Business Competitiveness

  • This company doesn’t just sit back and wait for clients to come with their events ideas, we strive to conceptualise and create events that are original and can build us.

Thank you for taking time to go through this business profile. If there are any questions or comments, feel free to contact us 0827141363 or 0828825825.